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Lindsey Smith is an entrepreneur, literary agent, and bestselling author of eight books,  including the award-winning Eat Your Feelings.

Lindsey’s #1 passion is helping you take your book project from “idea” to “done.”


Lindsey is an author, literary agent, publisher, and owner of the new bookstore,

One Idea Books & Gifts.

Her personal work has appeared on and TEDx stages and in Cosmopolitan and her parents’ junk drawer. 


Lindsey uses a satirical lens to playfully approach commonly tough-to-discuss topics including mental health, death, and grief.


She is obsessed with true crime documentaries, dogs, and oat milk cappuccinos. 

When she's not helping people write books, she can be found reading old American Girl magazines, rewatching Schitt's Creek, and lying horizontally researching her perfect future casket posture.

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