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Interested in working with me?

You could stand outside my window with a boombox, organize an elaborate choreographed dance number, or send a singing telegram to my bookstore.


But these ways of reaching out are much more efficient.


Although, I will admit, they are definitely more boring.


Want to work with me 1-on-1?

I currently only work 1-on-1 through my signature program, Book Deal Camp. The next round of Book Deal Camp is November 9-13, 2023. 


Learn more and register here.

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Want to hire me for a speaking engagement?

I’ve spoken to The Loft Literary Center, TEDx, and Google about my books, the publishing industry, and how to make a career as an author.If you’re interested in having me speak at your conference, retreat, or virtual event, submit an inquiry here.

Want to have me on your podcast or show?

Submit an inquiry here.

Take A Course

Want to pitch your book proposal to me at Speilburg Literary Agency?

Query me here.

Want to take one of my courses on writing a book, either traditionally or self-published?

Join here.

Want to get your publishing questions answered?

I host a free monthly-ish Book Chat. You can submit your questions ahead of time, and I will answer them live.


Join the next Book Chat here.

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Want to host an event at One Idea Books & Gifts?

Submit an inquiry here.

Want me to carry your product in my bookstore?

Submit your wholesale info here.


Want to send an email to my dog?

Tell Winnie how beautiful she is here.

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Lindsey has produced books and card decks, large-scale conferences, and has mentored hundreds of clients internationally. Check out some of the projects she has worked on.

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