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As a literary agent, I represent a wide range of non-fiction projects.


Check out my clients here to see the types of people and projects I represent.

I especially love working with first-time authors, and authors with multi-dimensional platforms as I also represent many of my clients TV, film, podcast, and speaking projects.

If you are interested in querying me, please submit a proposal here.

Lindsey with a pencil in her mouth

Personal Development

A photo of Ilona Pamplona

Ilona Pamplona is an Astrology Informed Life Coach.

She has helped hundreds of women reconnect with their inner world, harness the magic of their emotions, and transform their most important relationship: the one they have with themselves.

A copy of the book, This Journal is Your Mood Ring.

Book Sold: This Journal is Your Mood Ring

Publisher: Chronicle Books

Book Sold: Human Design Made Easy

Publisher: Union Square

Alexandra Franzen is an award-winning editor and co-founder of Get It Done.

Alexandra Franzen is a best-selling author, award-winning editor, and entrepreneur based in Hawaii. She has written seven books, including two novels, and has written articles for Time, Forbes, Newsweek, The Huffington Post, and Lifehacker.

Screen Shot 2024-01-07 at 10.02.35 PM.png

Book Sold: A Year of Awe 

Publisher: Chronicle Books

Book Sold: Pup Talks 

Publisher: Chronicle Books

Book Sold: The Bibliophile Oracle

Publisher: Clarkson Potter

A photo of Alexandra Franzen
A photo of Peachie Wimbush-Polk

Peachie Wimbush-Polk is a life coach, cannabis advocate, and retreat host. 

Peachie Wimbush-Polk, aka OG Jus' Peachie across social media, is an author, speaker, mindful entrepreneur and founder of Jus' Peachie Retreats. Peachie is also a proud Air Force veteran and longtime cannabis patient and advocate. She is a proud mother to her children, Lala and Cameron, better known to his fans as Wiz Khalifa.

Peachie is the author and creator of Embrace Your Power and Magic: 48 Nugs from the Queen of Stones, an oracle deck, with 48 nugs of wisdom designed to inspire the owner to stop playing small with their lives and live like the powerful and magical beings they are. 

Berrion Berry is a nationally recognized Holistic Menstrual Health Educator.

Berrion Berry is a nationally recognized Holistic Menstrual Health Educator, digital content creator, and the founder of Optimize Your Flow. She helps people bridge the knowledge gap between patients and their providers.

From hormone balancing and cycle syncing, to mood enhancing and energy increasing, her programs and social media videos cover it all.

A photo of Berrion Berry
Lauren Work Phillips.png

Lauren Work Phillips and Jessi Evans are BFFs and creative collaborators.

Lauren is owner of The Farmer’s Daughter, a floral shop located in Pittsburgh, PA Lauren’s work has been featured in Real Simple Magazine, Free People, Design Sponge, Restored by the Fords on HGTV, and Drew Magazine.


Jessi is a Graphic Designer and Illustrator living in Pittsburgh, PA. She has worked for some of the top companies in fashion retail in both NYC and Pittsburgh, including Victoria's Secret PINK and American Eagle Outfitters.

Card Deck Sold: The Floral Deck: 30 DIY Bouquets, Arrangements, Wreaths, and Other Seasonal Flower Projects

Publisher: Chronicle

Delanie Fischer is co-host of the hit comedy podcast, Self-Helpless.

Delanie Fischer is a professional podcaster, social media free entrepreneur, and activist who has been featured on     NBC, FOX, Lifetime, Netflix, Hulu, CNBC, Fuse, Vh1, Entrepreneur, PopSugar, Podcast Magazine, theSkimm, and Bustle. 


Fischer has 2 chart-topping podcasts, Career Crush (now a private, ad-free show available via her email list for free), and she co-hosts the hit comedy, self-help podcast, Self-Helpless, which has garnered millions of downloads and features renowned activists, health professionals, and public figures. 

Delanie Fischer.png
Brianna Saussy.png

Briana Saussy is an author, storyteller, and founder of the Sacred Arts Academy.

Briana Saussy is an author, storyteller, teacher, spiritual
counselor, and founder of the Sacred Arts Academy, where she teaches magic, divination, ceremony, and other Sacred Arts for everyday life.
She is the author of Making Magic: Weaving Together the Everyday and the Extraordinary, and Star Child: Joyful Parenting Through Astrology.
Briana’s work speaks to anyone who is looking for range and comprehensiveness of vision, which is required for a genuinely pragmatic approach to spirituality.

Book Sold: The Diagnostic Tarot

Publisher: Weiser

Social Justice

A photo of Robert Turner

Robert Turner is a pastor and a social justice advocate.

Reverend Robert Turner is the former pastor of Historic Vernon AME Church, in Tulsa, Oklahoma, which has the only edifice which survived the 1921 Race Massacre on Greenwood. Robert sits on the National African American Reparations Commission, Board of Trustees for the American Village, and the Advisory Board of the Blackburn Institute of the University of Alabama. 

Robert has been featured on numerous media outlets including NPR, Vice, CNN, and dozens of other national media. Watch the Vice documentary here.


Book Sold: Creating a Culture of Repair 

Publisher: Westminster John Knox Press

Jasmine Cho is an artist, speaker, and cookie activist.

Jasmine M. Cho is a Pittsburgh-based artist, author, speaker, and cookie activist most known for using portrait cookies to elevate representation for Asian Americans & Pacific Islanders. She is also a Food Network Champion (“Christmas Cookie Challenge” Season 3, Episode 8) and the Founder of Yummyholic.

Her cookie activism has been featured internationally on various media outlets that include NPR, HuffPost, CBS This Morning, and The Korea Daily. In 2019, Jasmine gave a TEDx talk on her work that immediately went viral and has since reached more than 56K views. 

Book Sold: Get A Hobby

Publisher: Union Square

A photo of Jasmine Cho
A photo of Federico Hewson

Federico Hewson is an artist, teacher, and founder of the Valentine Peace Project.

Federico Hewson is an author based in Berlin. Hewson has worked with flowers for more than fifteen years since searching the Los Angeles Flower Market seeking South American carnations for his Valentine Peace Project, an initiative he founded exchanging flowers with messages of peace from around the world. His photo essay Teaching Flowers was published in Routledge's Teaching Artist Journal.

Having been a performance artist, social entrepreneur, and art activist Federico feels that bringing back a greater appreciation and knowledge of flowers [and their diverse uses] can help us bring about a greener future.

Food & Cooking

A photo of Faaiza Osman

Faaiza Osman is a recipe developer, food stylist, and founder of Modest Munchies.

Faaiza Osman is the creator of the blog Modest Munchies. It’s a blog filled with creative treats, fusion desserts and sweet bakes. Faaiza also shares her delicious creations on Instagram @modestmunchies. Faaiza lives in Australia with her husband and 2 children. When she’s not getting creative in the kitchen, she’s usually crafting or painting something with her children.

Book Sold: Coming soon.

Publisher: Coming soon.

Caroline Choe is a chef, artist, teacher, and writer.

Caroline Choe is also the founder of Create & Plate, a business devoted to helping create community through arts and food education. Both she and her work have been featured on the Today Show, Audible, NPR, Food52, Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution, and Glamour. She is a proud daughter of Korean American immigrants as well as a lifelong New Yorker. She also runs @CaroChoe, @CreateAndPlate, and @Exploratorians.

Book Sold: BANCHAN - Launching 2024

Publisher: Chronicle Books

A photo of Caroline Choe
LS Client Page (3).png


Maddison Gurrola is a food scientist and mixologist. Vince Brosco is a designer and the official cocktail tester. 

Maddison is not your typical food enthusiast; she's a mixologist, a dedicated food scientist, and a self-proclaimed honorary raccoon — tirelessly combating food waste.

Vince is a Los Angeles-based graphic designer who works with brands and people that want to make the world a better place.

Together, they are working on a cocktail book.

True Crime

A photo of Lindsey Wade

Lindsey Wade is a retired detective and DNA advocate.

Lindsey Wade is a retired detective with an impressive track record of utilizing her keen investigative instincts and DNA to solve violent crimes. After retiring from the Tacoma Police Department, Lindsey joined the Washington State Attorney General’s Office as a Senior Investigator assigned to the Sexual Assault Kit Initiative to pursue her passion—using DNA to solve cold cases.


In 2019, Lindsey worked with state legislators to pass a new DNA law in Washington known as Jennifer & Michella’s Law. As a subject matter expert, Lindsey has been a speaker at numerous law enforcement conferences around the country, lecturing on cold cases, sex crimes, DNA, and child abduction response.

A photo of the book, In My DNA.

Book Sold: In My DNA - Launching May 30, 2023

Publisher: One Idea Press and Tantor

Also Represent: Film, TV, Podcast, and Speaking 

Kathleen Brunelle is a historical non-fiction writer and geneologist.

Kathleen Brunelle is an English teacher and historian who focuses on uncovering nonfiction stories, especially women’s history, folklore, and historical mysteries. Over the past twenty-five years, she has worked as an editorial assistant, researcher, English teacher, and writer.


Her work has appeared in Cape Cod View, Art Times, Moxie and The Shop. She is the author of Bellamy's Bride, published by The History Press in 2010. She teaches English at Old Rochester Regional High School in Mattapoisett, Massachusetts.


Book Sold: She's Gone 

Publisher: Prometheus Books

A photo of Kathleen Brunelle
A photo of Melinda Dawson

Melinda Dawson is a public speaker and law reform advocate.

Melinda Dawson is a law reform advocate and public speaker who brings a uniquely personal perspective in providing a voice for social justice to the innocent. Her story has been featured on Forensic Files, Maury, and many other network shows

Troy Hillman is a former CPA turned cold case detective.

 In 1997, Troy left his career as a Certified Public Accountant and Certified Fraud Examiner to become a police officer with the Phoenix Police Department. Eventually, his passion for “cold case” victims and zeal for hunting the most elusive of serial killers led him to become a detective, and he spent more than ten years of his career in law enforcement working with an elite cold case homicide team that solved hundreds of murders dating back as far as the 1970s.

Troy currently serves as a speaker and homicide expert consultant for conferences and media companies internationally. His most recent interviews can be found on podcasts, TV, and newspapers including, CBS/AZ Family “True Crime Arizona,” Oxygen’s Snapped, and Dateline.

Troy Hillman.png
Steven Kubacki.png

Steven Kubacki, PhD is now a clinical therapist with a private practice.

Steven Kubacki vanished without a trace in 1978, only to walk out of a field 15 months later, claiming no recollection of anything that happened to him. In the decades since, millions of people have speculated about what happened, but Kubacki has never spoken about that “lost” time… until now.

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